Master Workshop

Master Workshop

Prof. Dr. Nik Klever / Birgit Weckerle

Course objectives

The Workshop should lead to a deeper knowledge of the specialization.

Topics are current problems of the selected special fields, which will be discussed and worked out in team sessions.

After participating in the Workshop you should have got some more detailed knowledge in the special fields. And additionally you should have extended your know-how in speaking, moderating and working in a team and presenting in English.

The results should afterwards summarized in a paper published in the internet. The Workshop is divided into two parts

  • preparation training (2 days)
  • main workshop (3 days)

The Workshop is held in English language.

Paper and Presentation in the Internet

The paper should be published like any other scientific paper, including

  • title, date, name, address and email-address of the author
  • a summary
  • a table of contents
  • a list of literature

citation should be made in an international manner.

Concept of the Course

General Concept

The workshop is prepared and organized by the whole team. The moderators should prepare, organize and lead the workshop. Discussions and talks are held by all team members (and/or also from external specialists), working groups should be established to discuss special topics, intermediate presentations and colloquia meetings.

Detailed Concept

There are several concepts of the workshop possible.

One concept may be to raise a question asked by the fictive CEO of a fictive company with e.g. about 100 employees and a business volume of about e.g. 50 Mio. Euro. The CEO wants a recommendation or even a decision about this question concerning the near future of the company.

Another concept may be to discuss the pros and cons of a contemporary issue, e.g. a currently discussed technological architecture.

Tasks of the moderators

2-3 moderators should be choosen for each workshop date by all participants of the course. They should prepare the workshop:

  • Dividing the question into different subtasks and aspects which can be worked out by small groups of 2-3 participants.
  • Preparing the working method
  • Moderationcards (e.g. Neuland)
  • Mind Maps (by hand, electronically)
  • Votes
  • others ...
  • Perhaps inviting a specialist in the corresponding field, who can give a talk about some aspects of the question.

Proposal for a possible Workshop Agenda

  • Welcome address
  • Discussion of the question
  • Objective of the workshop
  • Decision about the subtasks
  • Splitting into small groups
  • Orientation and working on the subtask in all groups
  • Presentation of the results of the groups
  • Discussion of the results of the groups
  • Summarizing the results of the groups
  • Process of decision making
  • Presentation of the overall result
  • Concluding discussion of the workshop


  • Grading of the participants
  • Discussion of the question
  1. Involvement
  2. Statements in respect of the content (weak, middle, strong)
  • Presentation
  1. Style of the presentation
  2. Preparation and format of the presentation
  3. Content of the presentation
  • Discussion of the results of the groups
  1. Involvement
  2. Statements in respect of the content (weak, middle, strong)
  • Process of decision making
  1. Involvement
  2. Statements in respect of the content (weak, middle, strong)
  • Grading of the moderators:
  1. General preparation
  2. General moderation
  3. Summarizing the results
  4. Presentation of the overall results
  • Moderators got a bonus because of their exclusive job.

Introduction into the Method "Workshop"

Included into the complete workshop event is a two-day introduction into the method workshop as a preparationtraining. This introduction will be held by assistant lecturer Dipl. Betriebswirtin Barbara Braun and integrates a moderationtraining.

The aim for this event is also to fix the topics for the actual Master Workshop, the timetables for the workshop and last but not least determine two moderators for each of the three workshop events.

additional DVD Sources:

  • "Neuland Moderation", DVD / 80min., R. Neuland, M. Neuland, M. Tosch, Manager Seminare Verlags GmbH
  • "Motivierend präsentieren", DVD / 50min., Manager Seminare Verlags GmbH